Alicia Menendez Writes on Scandal in a Politician’s Life (Will Senator Menendez Listen?)

How ironic. Just a few days ago, I wrote this article for Slate about the Senator Menendez and what must be going on in his office: So Your Boss Is Implicated in a Sex Scandal.

Come to find out, his daughter Alicia Menendez wrote a rather similar article last year, chock full of advice for people like her dad, Senator Robert Menendez

The story has been deleted from the website “Daily Grito” which she started with some friends, also posing as political insiders on Hispanic culture and politics. But I found an archived version on the Wayback Machine:

So you’ve found yourself embroiled in a scandal, huh? That must be pretty terrifying. I’m tempted to ask if you’ve done something wrong but if you’re anxious enough to be looking for advice on the internet, the chances are this is a pretty bad. Admitting that you’ve done something wrong is the first step. If you’re there, that’s half the battle.

You have to wonder whether the Senator is listening to “Bob’s daughter” as she refers to herself, in another article where she wrote about “the pain and pride of being a candidate’s child.” Again, archived version on the Wayback Machine.

Alicia has turned her born on third base luck into a lucrative career as a Huff Post pundit and advisor to liberal political orgs. She regularly pontificates on political issues, but she seems to be avoiding “Bob” in her stories and her twitter feed also makes no mention of “Bob.”

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  1. well Alicia is not the brightest tool in the shed, despite the Harvard education, but the advice is actually pretty good. Unfortunately, I doubt Daddy will take it. And my favorite line:

    “I’d tell you to make a list of your real, true friends. No big donors…”

    Now that’s pretty funny!