Democratic Press Secretary: I Was Totally Faking It

Staffer holding recorder

A couple months back, I rode the metro out to Courthouse to interview a Democratic Senate Press Secretary. We met for brunch at Bayou Bakery, a great little place in Arlington with an incredibly eclectic atmosphere and excellent New Orleans inspired food.

The place was packed—line almost out the door—but we found a booth, and over beignets she began talking about her experiences on the Hill. After working for a couple years in the House, she moved over to the Senate, which she calls “the major leagues.” Only then, she says, did she find a trusted older colleague who taught her how to do her job.

Interview Democratic Press Secretary:

One of the first obvious reactions I had, which is not original, is how young everyone is. I don’t know if everybody else felt like they were faking it, but … TOTALLY I was.

I totally was faking it, when I started working on the House side. Luckily, it was pretty easy because I was working for a Freshman from a pretty safe district, so no one cared about anything she did.

It wasn’t like I was getting calls from reporters asking hard questions. Reporters almost never called. It was more press releases … a writing job. I’m writing press releases. I’m writing quotes. I’m writing … talking points, sometimes. Depending.

But, no … it was a good place to start because I had no idea what I was doing. And I think most people who are hired have no idea what they’re doing.

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