What are Hill Staff saying?

For the last year, I’ve been working hard to get interviews with numerous staff working on the Hill. Here’s some snippets of what they are saying about the job.

For this interview, I met up with an LA at a bar in Columbia Heights for dinner

“I was completely unqualified for my job. But I was more qualified than those working on the same issues in other offices. So the vast preponderance of staffers are in their early to late twenties and are unqualified to have jobs that are about making extraordinarily complex monetary policy for the United States, foreign policy, technology policy and healthcare.”

–Democratic House Staffer

Lounge 201 is a hidden gem on the Senate side. It’s tucked down in a basement, in the former location of a Chinese restaurant. And it’s a regular spot for senior Senate staff and a venue for fundraisers.

“You gotta’ be cynical to work on the Hill. Because it will crush you if you come in here hopeful, and thinking that change can happen. Because if change happens, it’s extremely slow.

People here…they don’t even want it to change. They’re fine with the status quo. Instead of working to make things better for people, we just fight these proxy wars on Fox News andMSNBC.”

–Senate Republican Staffer



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